The binary modular systems in the main deck, represents a real revolution in the nautical world. Through some simple elements, endless solutions can be developed for the main deck, giving life to the ship owner  creativeness. Modularity is a way of adaptability, dynamism and polyphormism. Such characteristics allow you to combine anything you like according to your sea lifestyle.

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ETHOS 30 allow you choose among Open, Cabin and Lounge Cabin version. Through an innovative fixing system the side bulwarks can be installed by the ship owner in any moment and without any difficulty. Therefore the boat can be converted either from open to closed cockpit. Have you ever experienced a nine meters boat, whose main deck can be transformed by moving the furnishings (sundeck, benches, table, icebox, mobile fridge / cooker, etc.). Have you ever come across a boat whose cockpit can be converted from open into can into cabin, according to safety and to sea rules?

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Ethos htybrid crossover boats Multifuctional img
multifunctional img Ethos is a daily cruise aimed to meet different boat typologies. Because of its modularity, Ethos can be used for pleasure, fishing, water sports, diving, tourism, discovery and long trips. Ethos has been studied and has been created for everyone, even for the less experienced navigators.