Azure Embark boats materials come from renewable sources. The aim is  to preserve the environment through the energetic efficiency and the reduction of harmful wastes. The employment of highly recyclable materials, its low environmental impact and the reduction of polluting substances show its environmental attitude during the boatbuilding.

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The use of facilities producing renewable energy during the production processes as well as the use of equipment and systems for the production cycle does not generate any toxic substances, pollutants and reduces the waste production.

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co2 ETHOS has been designed to respect the sea during the vessel use. Its low energy consumption as well as its low CO2 production and the use of non-polluting antifouling makes this boat a sustainable product.


Each boat component has been designed in a rational way, in order to meet the disassembly of it components and to facilitate the differentiation of the materials, the reuse of its parts and the correct disposal for the non-recyclable components. ethos hybrid crossover boats reuse reduse recycle img