The use of an endothermic and electric engine not only allows a cheaper management but also a safer and more comfortable navigation. During the cruise the thermal engine can be used for the propulsion and for the generation of alternating current on board thus avoiding the use of the traditional generator. This allows to save the space, to lower the costs and the fuel. Because of that you will get the advantage of  avoiding producing emissions, noises and vibrations.

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Ethos 30 is equipped with a system of photovoltaic panel and sheets of thin photovoltaic films. These features meet the consumption of electrical energy necessary for living onboard and for the navigation using electric motor. Moreover, thanks the electric motor the boat is equipped with a small 5 Kw energy generator.
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ETHOS 30 is equipped with a Park LiFePo4 battery consisting of 72 cells that accumulate 9.2 kw energy. This energy is used not only for the passengers on board but also for a 20 hours trip up to 3.5 knots. The solar panels and the photovoltaic towel allow a constant browsing during the day, avoiding the use of the park battery.
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In order to improve the energetic efficiency we have used technologies that decrease the employment of the primary energy under the same conditions of energetic service. Therefore it is possible to get the same results using less energy and with a lower impact on the environment. Low energetic consumption equipments as well as inner, outer and underwater LED lightings and the use of devoted software make this possible.