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THE BOAT AUTONOMY CONTROL can monitor each part of the boat through a 23 inches touch screen. The 23”multi- touch wide screen represents a cutting edge solution to check the navigation, to set the routes, to monitor the data of the endothermic and electric motor, to activate the boat functions (lights, pumps, instruments, accessories) and to cast the anchor. Everything is monitored through a submerged camera.

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On boat or outside of it, through the board "hotspot" WiFi, is possible to check the energetic consumption in real time, to

visualize the images of the cameras and the complete management of the boat.
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The cameras can film the navigation in a brand new way. It is possible to record while moving breathtaking shootings; and the perspective is only one: yours! You can transmit in streaming on the wide touch screen your unique experiences while recording in Full HD, you can explore the depths or check the anchor.


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Ethos widely uses QR code. They are positioned in specific boat compartments. You just have to frame the special code to discover any information you need. The main advantage of the 2.0 applications is its 24/7 and worldwide availability. Moreover, the service can be updated and avoiding the user to upgrade.


The antifouling protection of the outer space, the protection of steels and of the contacts of the electronic components have been produced through spray nano-technologies, ensuring the respect for the environment and the preservation of the boat surfaces and components.
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