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ETHOS was designed to be a boat unsinkable. The closed cell foams contained inside of the structural elements of the boat make the same solid, secure and resistant to flooding.



ETHOS is endowed with the system SBS "Safety Bumper System", projected to protect the boat at best, by providing a valid system that avoids the abrasion provoked by the bumps in phase of approaching to the docks and/or other boats.

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ETHOS is equipped with a system capable of geolocation report in cases of emergency, the location of the same.


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It deals with making the modern and elegant design meet with the need to make the boat safer and more resistant to extreme conditions, by devoting a lot of attentions to the ideation of reliable structural systems in terms of durability and sturdiness.
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The high reliability of the electric, hydraulic, mechanics and electronic components, used during the assembly phase, contributes to make the boat safer and above all it guarantees resistance and durability in the sea environment.

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